Vice has been running a hilarious (and sobering) column for years now called London Rental Opportunity of the Week, which I stumbled on a few days ago; the author is hanging up his shingle and wrote a kiss-off to all landlords everywhere.

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This is genius, and drives a point home using a literal cartoon character: Can you tell who said each of these phrases, Elon Musk or Mr. Burns, the villainous billionaire from the Simpsons? I got 75%.

Seriously, I don’t understand what is going on over there. It’s like they let the kindergarten bully run the whole school.

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File this under You Can’t Make This Shit Up: Ernst & Young, an international accounting firm, was fined $100M by the SEC after they found that employees were cheating on an ethics exam for over four years.

A significant number of EY professionals who did not cheat but knew their colleagues did, and facilitated the cheating, also violated the firm’s code of conduct by failing to report it.

I am shocked.

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This never gets old.

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How I Experience The Web Today. LOL

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I’ve been looking for the collected Venture Brothers seasons on DVD for years with no luck, and suddenly they appeared on Netflix’s DVD service (yes, we still pay to have DVDs sent by mail). I just filled up the queue with comedy goodness and bumped everything else to the bottom. By the way, there’s a movie coming! I sure hope it’s better than the Deadwood movie.

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This is a hilarious note from the owner of a Porsche 914 to the next thief who attempts to steal it:

Now you will become adrift in the zone known to early Porsche owners as “Neverland” and your quest will be to find second gear. Prepare yourself for a ten-second-or-so adventure. Do not go straight forward with the shift knob, as you will only find Reverse waiting there to mock you with a shriek of high-speed gear teeth machining themselves into round cylinders. Should you hear this noise, retreat immediately to the only easy spot to find in this transmission: neutral.

So much of this resonates with me, and this transmission section in particular, given the large amount of Volkswagen engineering present in the 914: the entire section on the transmission could very well have been written for any variant of air-cooled VW buses.

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Hank Hill, everlasting.

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The problem is that certain kinds of stuff simply attract more stuff. The home is an obvious one: It craves sofas, sweaters, buffet cabinets, chandeliers. Computers are another; they grow USB tendrils.

I saw this being linked to a few days ago and meant to post it, but it was stuck behind WIRED’s paywall: Paul Ford writes about a Grand Unified Theory of Stuff. Having just gone through my computer collection and resisted the urge to buy things to fix them, this hits close to home. Having multiple hobbies does not help.

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