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Could Mastodon be any cooler? Not after being invited to portray Wildlings on Game of Thrones.

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I read the other day that Bluesky, the Twitter competitor started by the founders of Twitter, came out of invite-only beta this week, so I signed up to park my name. I’ll probably never post there, and will never install the app on my phone. I never signed up for Mastodon, mostly because I never saw the point of belonging to a federated version of a service I never paid attention to anyway. Why have I done this, when I avoided ever being on Twitter? Hard to say.

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I never watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and was not aware they made it into a movie, but when they did, a pre-movie “don’t talk during the movie” reel was produced. It was scored by Mastodon, and is predictably hilarious.

Skip ahead to 1:00 for the best part.

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Backstory: there’s an online talk show by two comedians who dress up in corpsepaint called Two Minutes To Late Night, and they interview various metal bands. They have a house band and usually have the guests play a couple of songs, usually covers, as part of the show. It’s funny and interesting and the guests are always unique. Because of COVID they can’t tape the show live, so they’ve gotten an amazing assortment of artists to remotely tape covers, usually deeper cuts from an artists’ catalog. This is a cover of Rush’s Anthem, featuring members of Tool, Primus, Mastodon, and Coheed & Cambria; it’s like a Venn diagram of amazing covering one of Rush’s best songs.

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In heavy rotation: a (Hardcore? Post-rock? Post-punk? Math rock?) band from Belgium called Brutus. Heavy as shit but with absolutely beautiful melody throughout; the drummer doubles as singer, and I don’t know how she can physically do both at the same time (see also: Mastodon) but she absolutely crushes them both. Standout tracks: Django, Carry, and Space. (via Stereogum)

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I love Mastodon, because they are an incredibly melodic hard metal band, they have an excellent sense of humor about themselves, and they write great songs. I’ve been jamming to The Motherload all day:

I would embed the official music video here, but it’s ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY.

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Sunday morning we hopped back on the Metro and took Finn to the Museum of Natural History. She was excited to see the dinosaurs and animals based on our descriptions of the place, so when we finally got in the door it overwhelmed the three of us. I haven’t been inside in 30 years or more, so what I remember has changed dramatically. The sea life exhibit is an attention disorder nightmare; there are fantastic standalone displays placed randomly along the floor for viewers to ping-pong between. The design is beautiful but it’s hard to connect displays above or below eye-level with their information.


The dinosaur exhibit is breathtaking but a lot smaller than I remember. They’ve updated some of the larger displays but the dioramas are as I remember them, with an added layer of dust. The lighting is more dramatic now. I remember everything under bright white . Finn stood in awe of the T. Rex and stegosaurus displays, but it was hard to talk to her with the movement and noise around us.


I don’t remember much about the ice age exhibit from my history, but Finn seemed to like it a lot. The mammoth and mastodon skeletons were impressive. Jen and I laughed later at the early man display, with three hairy mannequins covered in dust. (There were lots of questions about early man and our ancestors later in the day).


We continued through the museum after a break for some lunch, and Finn did really well up until the gemstone exhibit, when she (and Jen and I) succumbed to overload. There’s so much to see, and so many people there. We bailed at about 4:30 after a snack and she promptly fell asleep on the train ride home.


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