I don’t look at Facebook anymore these days, but my profile is still live so all of my links still exist. I glanced at my profile last night to check on something for my Dad’s service, and another post caught my attention, which led me to the obituary of an old friend who died of cancer last fall. I had no idea. Jason and I were friends from back in the SystemSource days, when he was a programmer and I was a designer/front end builder. We formed a company with our friend Dan and did a bunch of projects, as well as played a lot of pool, drank a lot of beers, and had a good time. I met up with him six or seven years ago in the city for a drink to catch up, and I did know that he was in the hospital for brain surgery a couple of years ago (I sent him a T-shirt of his favorite football club). But I had no idea it had gotten that bad. I don’t know how to reach out to his widow to apologize for missing this, or what to even say. Fuck cancer.

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