I met my buddy Jason at an Irish bar down the street for lunch and some beers this afternoon. Jason and I used to work for the same company in the early, silly days of the Internet, building sites together like the Jewish Times and the Columbia Village Centers. (You laugh, but they are both six years old now, designed for 256 colors and Pentium 100’s, and they still work.) Among other things, he’s an English expatriate, an old drinking buddy, a business partner, and a good friend. He’s between jobs right now, enjoying his free time, and awaiting the birth of his first baby. I couldn’t be happier for him. We talked about old times, shared friends, and our future plans, and made a promise not to fall out of touch again. It was great to see him, and I’m looking forward to a foosball rematch sometime soon.

Penn busted his orange ass out of the hole this afternoon and beat the shit out of Geneva, which pretty much ends the struggle to integrate him. We’re going to put him up for adoption next week. If anybody in the Baltimore area is interested in an otherwise normal, four-year-old orange tabby, who doesn’t own any other cats, we have a fellow who’d like to meet you. Honestly, he’s a happy, well-adjusted cat when he’s not around other cats, he’s loving, and he’s had all his shots. Help me find him a home.

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