I found a few links that I had lost from the December log. Here’s the definitive G-Force/Gatchaman fan site, and a link to Rhino home video, where you can buy the first 8 episodes on DVD.
Here’s a link to a site dedicated to the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT and the Mad Max movies.

Tomorrow I go out with Jason to take Dan to his bachelor dinner at the Prime Rib; that should be interesting. Jason got a bunch of old ex-System Source employees together for a surprise dinner at Akbar in town last Saturday- that was very interesting and fun and bittersweet all at the same time. I was just thinking about Mike H. last week, and there he is across the table from me. The good thing was that Jason and Shelly showed up as well as Joy on our end of the table, so we had good conversation. That with the lunch I had with Melissa last week just makes my heart heavy sometimes; I miss those guys terribly, and that time period (work-wise, at least). Plus the fact that Greycube is for all purposes ending and I’m kind of blue about all that. I’d like to get some kind of organization together to do some other off-site freelance work.

I found this site today: Steinbergerworld. There’s a list of a lot of fantastic info about these instruments, and considering I have an XP2, I have some reading to do tonight. I also found an Ebay auction with a black XP2 currently at about $400.

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