Through a completely random scan, I found a site which has a user-contributed list of photobooths by state. Apparently there’s one in the basement of the American Visionary Arts Museum, which I would like to visit sometime soon.

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From the garden

Jen came upstairs as I was hunched over the computer to show me this. With the exception of the basket, everything in there came out of our garden, and there’s a lot more to come. We have a ton of corn coming in, the squirrels seem to have left the second wave of beans alone, and there are several eggplant growing larger. The green peppers are getting pretty big, too. Plus, we’ve already used a couple bushels of basil leaves.

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!!! Holy CRAP, I want to buy this place and live in it! (via)
update: I had no idea these were in Waldorf! Apparently, though, the gubmint wants someone to come and tear them down.

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Tickets are being purchased for another business trip, this time to sunny Orlando, home of the Mouse. It’s been a few years since we were there (This child is now a part-time model and Harvard law professor), but we had lots of fun while we were there; instead of relying on Corporate America to entertain us, I went looking for some alternatives. Jen has already been to Gatorland and Kennedy Space Center, but I’d like to see both, if possible. Any suggestions?

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MMMMMM Beer and Crabs

Saturday evening Jen treated her sister, her sister’s boyfriend and I to a crab feast on the picnic table out back. Happy Birthday to the twins, and thanks for the Old Bay, baby.

Happy Birthday, Christi

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Nice spelling

That’s a Seagate ad, spied in the Towson CompUSA this morning. They make hard drives. You may have heard of them.

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Bush Aide: Military Could Go Into Pakistan.

So, let me break this down a little here. Our president, whose approval numbers are in the dumper, but who still controls the Senate, has a plan to make America love him again: He’s thinking about going into Pakistan to get Bin Laden because Musharraf hasn’t done so.

I can’t think of a more misguided foreign policy that that, other than, perhaps, just nuking Russia for the hell of it. Pakistan is already a pretty shaky ally, and Musharraf by all accounts is walking a thin line between secular progress and another Islamic state. (Remember, Pakistan and India have been lobbing ‘test nukes’ at each other for ten years, and Pakistan is also pretty cozy with China.) What our government still hasn’t grasped is the fact that things aren’t black and white like they insist on believing—and why their policy in Iraq has gone so badly. A thousand years of tribal, ethnic, and religious quarrels between hundreds of separate groups is not going to miraculously work itself out after the tanks enter town and everyone gets a Hershey bar.

The simple idea that the leadership of this country is even considering entering another country and destabilizing the government there—can anybody say Cambodia?—makes me shudder. I hope to god the commanding generals find their balls and talk some sense into the cowboys in the White House.

Also, why isn’t this the top headline in today’s news? Seriously, in about 30-point type?

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Another classic, onsite at a client location.

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Sprite 1

This is the front end of a beautiful little Austin-Healey I spied in a parking garage where I’ve been doing some consulting this week. It took a herculean effort not to commit Grand Theft Convertible, so I opted for pictures instead.

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What rock have I been living under that I missed Pandora? I mean, seriously, where the fuck have I been? Enter a couple of artists you like, start the playlist, and edit to your heart’s content. I’ve already found three albums I want to buy based on my love of drum & bass/trip hop/DJ mix, and other suggested artists I already like have come up in the mix. Plus, it works with a Squeezebox, another electronic gadget I lust after.
Or, maybe I should finally just subscribe to XM Radio.

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