Nice spelling

That’s a Seagate ad, spied in the Towson CompUSA this morning. They make hard drives. You may have heard of them.

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8 Responses to You’re Spelling Is Bad

  1. Miss Lis says:

    My on? My very own on???I’ve always wanted an on!!!

  2. tbtine says:

    Oh hell to the no. Now I’m gonna have to put a cap in you’re ass for putting this up. Maybe I’ll get one down the street at Yours Convenient Store (located in downtown Cville, folks).

  3. Linda says:

    This thread makes my brain bleed.

  4. ren says:

    Chuckle…I swear, I put my post about “sneak peaks” up before he posted this.

  5. the idiot says:

    I stood in front of this ad for at least three minutes with my head screwed on sideways like a confused dog, trying to figure out if I just wasn’t ‘getting’ the clever ad copy. But no, it is as dumb as it looks.

  6. Linda says:

    This thread makes my brain bleed.

  7. ren says:

    Looks like we’d better expand national curriculum and testing requirements to No Copywriter Left Behind.

  8. the idiot says:

    I just looked, there’s no money in the budget for a copywriter.