Courtesy of Brian, our resident IT fellow (who we like.) The Hasselhofian Recursion. Click if you dare.

Good news: it looks like the new version of iPhoto has added support for both photos and movies. No more accidentally erasing movies left on the CF card.

Recap. Jen and I have been thinking about where the hell last year went; in some respects it feels like we did nothing, and in other respects, I feel like a whole new person. In no particular order, here are some of the things accomplished in 2004:

  • Planned a wedding. (Jen really took this one on; I can’t take but about 25% of the credit here.)
  • Um, got married.
  • Traveled overseas to Rome, and decided we didn’t want to come home.
  • Painted the outside of the house. (two sides’ worth of windows still to go)
  • Took the better part of two months to nurse Jen’s Mom back out of the hospital.
  • Completed three of four upstairs rooms in the house (sanded/stained/sealed floors, new electrical, paint, trim, and furnishings)
  • Finished the linen closet. w00t!
  • Planted three separate beds of bulbs and flowers, grew tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and five types of herbs on the back porch
  • Left a job over “creative differences”
  • Freelanced our asses off
  • Bought a new (used) car; donated a very used car to charity (RIP, Tortoise)
  • Had an alarm system installed, so now a woman in Pikesville can call to tell us our front door has blown open again
  • Had the roof repaired (ouch)
  • Nursed Jen’s Mom up until her final day, in her own house, and took care of the family
  • Played Santa for the Lockard family.
  • Paid off three separate credit cards and the entire honeymoon

I know I’m forgetting something here. Babe, what did I leave out?

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