Apple has announced a plan to adopt driver’s licenses/state ID’s into Apple Wallet. Maryland is one of eight states working with the company to add personal ID into an iPhone or Apple Watch; all you’ll have to do is tap the device like you do with Apple Pay.

  • Driver’s licenses and state IDs in Wallet are only presented digitally through encrypted communication directly between the device and the identity reader, so users do not need to unlock, show, or hand over their device.

In the Before Times, when I was commuting, I was using Apple Pay with my watch and phone quite a bit, and I found it extremely handy.

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“At that point, I said that whereas I had risked my life to defend my country while in the Air Force, I was not willing to risk my life to teach a class with an unmasked student during this pandemic,” Bernstein said in an email to The Red & Black. “I then resigned my retiree-rehire position.”

An 88-year-old psychology professor, who came out of retirement to teach a class at the University of Georgia, abruptly resigned after a student refused to wear a mask properly—this after he’d explained that he was at risk for dying from COVID.

Fuckin’ A, sir. 

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Yay! the new Chvrches album will be out this week. Here’s hoping it’s better than the last one.

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Remote work empowers those who produce and disempowers those who have succeeded by being excellent diplomats and poor workers, along with those who have succeeded by always finding someone to blame for their failures.

From Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future.

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For more than 20 years, no matter what was reported, what we read in the headlines, efforts to build and train large-scale conventional security forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have mostly been an aimless, ham-fisted acronym soup of trial and error that never became the true main effort, and we are to blame for that.

I’m sure nobody saw this coming. What a colossal waste.

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I wanted to find out what was happening with the Olympics the other day. The only news I could find was about Simone Biles stepping back, and 99/100 of them were op-ed pieces with Bad Takes from assholes. So this was a welcome antidote: Are You Allowed To Criticize Simone Biles? A Decision Tree.

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Wherever the United States government contemplated a wrong turn, Rumsfeld was there first with his hard smile—squinting, mocking the cautious, shoving his country deeper into a hole. His fatal judgment was equaled only by his absolute self-assurance. He lacked the courage to doubt himself. He lacked the wisdom to change his mind.

At the Atlantic, George Packer writes a tidy eulogy for a terrible person and argues that he was actually worse than Robert McNamara, which is saying something.

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At Jalopnik, David Tracy looks at the 2021 Honda Civic, which will be offered as a sedan with an automatic transmission, and more interestingly, as a hatchback with a stick. And, I really like the look of it. The rear end doesn’t look like a dekotora truck anymore. I have no immediate plans to upgrade cars, but this is the first thing I’ve seen that makes me reconsider. Maybe when the car markets all calm down next year…

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A guy bought a cheap Jeep YJ and drove it from Alaska to Argentina in 2012, and then began a tour of Africa in a different one. He put together a quick article about preparing a vehicle for extended overlanding in remote areas, where rolling up to a service station isn’t an option. His TL;DR list: Keep it as stock as possible, replace high-wear parts before leaving, know your vehicle and prep with any specialty tools you’ll need, and obviously, don’t drive it like a meathead.

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The Biden administration’s efforts to provide $4 billion in debt relief to minority farmers is encountering stiff resistance from banks, which are complaining that the government initiative to pay off the loans of borrowers who have faced decades of financial discrimination will cut into their profits and hurt investors.

Yup, you read that right. these are the same banks that have made millions on the backs of Black and minority farmers with predatory loans for decades. Don’t tell me racism doesn’t exist, and don’t tell me the free market is fair to everyone.

I voted for this administration to do things just like this. I hope they write some big fat checks and let the banks suck on it.

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