Last week I discovered that the gas strut holding up the hood on the Scout had ungassed itself, and set about looking to replace it. Looking over the manufacturer’s plate I found the company online and sourced a replacement in about five minutes. Because they are a volume distributor, their online presence is geared towards large companies doing bulk purchases, and their form would not allow for the fact that I am a consumer and only buying two items; it required a company name. I quickly chose something that described my ever-expanding manufacturing empire perfectly: Dugan Heavy Industries. When I got to the shipping section of the checkout, it timed out without letting me go any further, so I had to call to place the order. When the CSR took my order, she looked up my information and chuckled at the name I’d chosen; this was after I told her I only needed two pieces. (I ordered two because the minimum order fee was $50, one strut was $30, and I figured it was better to spend a little extra to have a backup on hand).

I think I might whip up a design and have some shirts made.

* * *

Plans are made for a return to Chestertown next weekend to resume work on the schoolbus. I’m working 9-hour days this week and the next to be able to leave Thursday night. Friday we’ll be putting in the floor and Saturday we’re installing the seats! They came in last week and are waiting for us to get cracking again. I’m excited to make some more progress and move the interior further along, even if it means we’ll be working in 50˚ weather in a shed (hopefully Brian has a portable heater). When that’s done we can start blocking out space for the cabinetry and built-ins, and that will make a huge difference in the visible progress to date.


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  1. ren says:

    I would like to order some shirts, please, for the northern branch office of DHI.

  2. idiotking says:

    Ha ha Will do!

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