It’s been pretty quiet on Planet Idiot lately, due to demands at work, Jen being down with the flu, and various other issues. The weekend was a dull exercise in PowerPoint skills, with half a day on Sunday when I was able to get outside with Finn to rake leaves, ride bikes down to the library and then to pick up our car from the garage. Other than that, there’s been little progress in the way of housework, design, or photography. Now I’m home from work with a cough and congestion.

Standing in the middle of the sidewalk in D.C. this afternoon: a man holding a printed purple/orange sign that read, “I have forsaken drugs, masturbation, and alcohol for Jesus Christ.” Testimony or self-shaming?

Project Binky is back for episode 21, where two British guys in a shed rework an original Austin Mini with the running gear of a Celica GT4. I want a metal fabrication shop so bad… (previously, previously)

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