Since the beginning of our relationship, Jen and I have had a tradition. It involves raw oysters and ham that has been boiled in a pillowcase. We have always traveled to St. Mary’s County for stuffed ham, and it’s usually in the autumn

Beer and St. Mary's County ham sandwich

Jen decided this year she was going to try her hand at making stuffed ham herself. She did a bunch of research and found several recipes, deciding she’d use a County family recipe to base her version off of. She bought a corned ham from our local butcher and prepared it herself, stuffing spiced cabbage, kale, and onions into the slab with an extremely sharp carving knife.


This was then wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth and boiled in a pot for hours. 


Then she pulled it out of the pot and we let it sit and cool in the bags overnight out on the porch. When we pulled the cheesecloth off, it didn’t look all that appetizing, but…


…when I started carving it, it looked like the stuffed ham I remember. And then when we tasted the first few bites: HOLY SHIT that’s good. 


This is how she served it: with garlic new potatoes, bacon green beans, and Hawaiian rolls for the ham (technically I’ve only had it with potato rolls, but these were super tasty). 


It all turned out incredible, and better yet, we’ve got leftovers in the fridge! I hope she makes this again. 

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