Free doors
Free doors

On our way to run about fifteen million wedding errands this afternoon, Jen and I drove past the church we’re set to be married in, and she pointed out something on the other side of the street: two wooden doors leaning up against a tree in front of an old Victorian. Cranking my neck around to look, I saw the words ‘FREE’ scrawled on the other side, and she got the car turned around in three seconds flat. We loaded the booty into the back of the Saturn as mass let out and church bells rang: a six-pane French door and a huge one-pane front door, both with intact glass, hinges, and hardware. The front door is about an inch and a half thick, and it sports a brass letter slot as well as an ornate plaque reading ‘Roselawn’.

The best part about finding $1,500 worth of wooden doors on the side of the road is that they’re both oversized—the French door, minus about an inch on the sides and top, will fit perfectly in the Blue room doorway leading out to the atrium. And the front door will fit in place of the original, so we can use that for a sunporch down the road.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. stuffed ham, oysters, candied yams, bread, and beets, 3.6.04

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.stuffed ham, oysters, candied yams, bread, and beets, 3.6.04

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