So, Bill 1, Chipmunks, 1.

Both Renie and Mom got in touch with me inside one hour of the previous post about a dastardly way to kill chipmunks: Fill a 5 gallon bucket 2/3 full of water, and scatter sunflower seeds across the top of the water. Add a board up to the lip like a ramp: they jump in but can’t get out. Finley and I will be making a Home Depot run on the way home from camp to set two of these up this evening.

* * *

I found a black pair of Ray-Ban 4115’s on Amazon this afternoon and ordered them after making sure my local optometrist could cut lenses for them (which they are now doing). I’d really prefer the tortoiseshell but they have stopped production of those frames altogether, so I guess I’m lucky to get what I’m getting. Either way, I can’t survive without sunglasses and my old pair hasn’t turned up anywhere. Now I’ve got to find some replacement eyeglasses.

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