It’s official: The Scout is now insured through Hagerty, a specialty insurance company that caters to classic vehicles. What this means is that there’s excellent injury and damage coverage, as well as a guaranteed replacement price for the Scout in case something catastrophic happens. I insured her for the average going price for a Scout in Good condition (this is the East Coast, after all) so if the unthinkable happens they will cut me a Big Fat Check, I can find another one in roughly the same condition, and buy it outright.

* * *

The critters have realized there’s food in the greenhouse, even if it’s stuff they don’t like. I’ve noticed chipmunks darting through the corners when I walk in, and there’s a new hole in the dirt someone has made for quick escapes. As usual, they will climb up to the ripest tomato and chomp a few bites out of it before realizing, hey, I don’t like this. Then they will move on to the next ripest tomato and do the same thing. Incensed, I went out and bought a couple of rat traps (because size matters) and some of those electronic high-frequency emitters. After installing those I used a couple of Giant Destroyers to nuke the hole. I’ll have to order more and just keep smoking them out.

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