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My VW bus wasn’t an 23-window like the subject of this article, but it brought back a lot of great memories. I think I’ll have to do a series here on cars I’ve driven or owned. It’s quite a list.

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Forest Diner, Ellicott City MD

Forest Diner, Ellicott City MD

Enchanted Forest

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Build with Chrome: virtual Legos. There goes my free time.

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This looks to be some excellent reporting, and it clears up a lot of misconception about the Fast and Furious scandal:

Quite simply, there’s a fundamental misconception at the heart of the Fast and Furious scandal. Nobody disputes that suspected straw purchasers under surveillance by the ATF repeatedly bought guns that eventually fell into criminal hands… But five law-enforcement agents directly involved in Fast and Furious tell Fortune that the ATF had no such tactic. They insist they never purposefully allowed guns to be illegally trafficked. Just the opposite: They say they seized weapons whenever they could but were hamstrung by prosecutors and weak laws, which stymied them at every turn.

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I haven’t posted in a while, but here’s the latest update to the bumper saga. In short: it went very very well. I’m thrilled.

* * *

In other news, the Hefeweizen is chilled, carbed, and pouring. It’s very good! So good, in fact, I may brew it again this summer. It’s a quick, easy recipe and very refreshing to drink. My neighbor also got my Co2 tank refilled for me, which is a relief. Unfortunately I lost about 200lbs of pressure before I realized one of my hose fittings was loose. I have a list of items to buy at the homebrew store this weekend to set up long keg leads from the cooler to the basement window and I’m going to mock up a wooden stand to place in the opening for people to pour at. I’ll post a sketch here when it’s ready.

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To recap: an NPR intern wrote a short weblog post called I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With, where she admits to stealing something like 11,000 songs without paying for them. David Lowery of Cracker wrote a heartfelt and well-thought response called Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered which discusses the economic realities of music piracy. Several rebuttals have been written to Lowery’s article, the best of which is one by Travis Morrison of the Dismemberment Plan: Hey Dude From Cracker, I’m Sorry, I Stole Music Like These Damned Kids When I Was A Kid. Both articles resonate with me, because I truly believe artists need to make money to continue to make music; I use my iTunes account to buy albums I really like, and use the internet to screen the garbage. Morrison’s article also stuck with me, because his experience was identical to mine–taping from the radio, libraries, college radio (I was much too much a chicken to shoplift, though):

Music is so important to people. It is majorly important to young people. And to me? Literally somewhere below water and air but above food. And I just went for it. I bought a lot of music; I got a lot of free music from whatever sources were at hand; I just had to have it by any means necessary. If you duped a copy of a Dismemberment Plan record in college or something, it’s cool. I guess I’d like to have the money, but you know what, I hope you just listened to it with even 1/10 of the consciousness I gave to the music I listened to as a kid–copied, stolen, or bought.

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Yes, I’m here. And I’m not slacking off in the illustration department; I’ve just been taking my time with a new piece that’s more involved than a simple portrait. Here’s a teaser:

I’m trying to balance my perfectionism with the appeal of handmade craft; once the black and white is finished I’m going to try a new approach to color and add some typography. I’m excited.

In other news, after finally kicking the Chinook IPA with dinner, I kegged the hefeweizen and chilled it overnight in the cooler. The final gravity was only .001 off from the recipe, and it tastes really good—a lot more personality than the American Ale I’ve got. My neighbor is going to take my tank with his and get them refilled with Co2 tomorrow, so I should be in good shape for the parade party. Next up: another summery recipe to brew after the parade.

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“The South of France, a young man in his early 20’s, rock ‘n’ roll musician, that’s a mighty fine combination. I’m tellin ya, that’s when you’re shittin’ in tall cotton.”

Quoted by Bobby Keys, saxophonist, reflecting on recording Exile on Main Street with the Rolling Stones.

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I’m not really feeling too much in the writing mood, so I’ll list some highlights of the weekend here:

  • Cool, sunny 80° weather from Thursday to Sunday Sleeping in on Saturday (well, to 8:30 at least)
  • Renting a chainsaw and taking the dead cherry tree out of the backyard
  • Another successful trip to the pool with Herself, which resulted in a longer foray to the deeper end and a cut on her pinky toe
  • Shiner Ruby Redbird Summer Brew 
  • A mutual thumbs-up from an Early Bronco on the way back from a beer run in the Scout
  • Watching Finding Nemo outdoors in Ellicott City with our neighbors. For the final 1/2 of the movie, Finn sat in my lap and giggled her way through the funny parts
  • My Father’s Day present: a blanket, umbrella, beach pail, some shells, a grape, and a rocking chair arranged on the floor of the living room: Finn made me “the Beach”
  • The Farmer’s Market for lunch: Big Bad Wolf pulled pork sandwiches, $.50 ears of corn, and cheap beets
  • Successfully resurrecting the basement server, which took a dirt nap on Friday
  • Dinner: grilled lemon chicken, beets, coleslaw, steamed corn on the cob, and for dessert: sour cherry clafouti
  • Waking up to a smiling Finn this morning, after joining her at 4AM to ward off further bad dreams
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