Say what you like about Barney Frank; while he may share more than a little blame for our current economic crisis, he’s also hilarious. I only wish our president could speak this freely.

The idea that someone would seriously equate comprehensive health care reform with Nazi Germany is incomprehensible. I don’t understand how political debate in my country has gotten so spectacularly insipid; it’s pretty clear to me that none of these people have actually studied history or actually understand what they’re talking about.

I guess I should just admit that I don’t have much hope for the healthcare reform bill. I think there are too many organizations with too much money invested in the existing system, who will continue to pay ignorant, frightened people to make outrageous claims and spread blatantly false rumors in order to kill the legislation and keep their profit margins high. Frankly, I don’t think our country deserves the type of inexpensive, guaranteed, quality healthcare the rest of the developed world seems to enjoy.

Date posted: August 19, 2009 | Filed under humor | Comments Off on Tell It Like It Is.

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