Oh, how I love software documentation. As if most commercial documentation isn’t sucktacular enough (no offense to my technical writing homies, but I’ve had more bad luck in this regard than good), it seems like every open-source installation manual I’ve ever used was thrown together in ten minutes by someone filled with contempt for linear thinking. Usually I just close whatever online wiki or other half-assed collection of nouns and verbs they’ve provided and look through the code itself to see if I can figure out why I’m getting random, oblique errors and troubleshoot my way to success. Usually I get lucky. Tonight, with Drupal, I am up against the worst set of installation instructions I’ve encountered yet, and a pass through the assorted install files reveals settings I might change, if there was someplace that actually documented what they did.

I’m too tired to do the change-refresh-change-refresh dance tonight, so I will hang this one up and wave my middle finger high in the air.

Update: On a semi-related note (TURN THE SPEAKERS DOWN, KIDS):

This made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Onion.

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