Under the subject line, “Probably the most disturbing thing you’ll see all day.” More like Month. What could have been going through the heads of these two fine gentlemen? I think it might have gone something like this:

Can’t Touch The Mullet: Dude, Let’s line our trucks up and take a picture.

White Hat, Pale Skin: Sure, OK.

(Several pictures are taken. Two Silver Bullets are consumed).

CTTM: Dude, Know what would be better? We need to pose in front of the trucks. With our shirts off. You know, to show off our tans.

WHPS: Um, I don’t know…

CTTM: What are you, a pussy? Chicks will totally dig this.

WHPS (nervously draining the last of his beer): OK.

(more pictures are taken; two fresh beers are consumed).

CTTM: I got a great idea! Let’s take a picture naked. To show off how ripped we are.

WHPS: No way, man.

CTTM: Come on, dude, it will be so totally rad! Like Conan, dude!

WHPS: No way.

CTTM: Dude, take the picture or I will totally beat your ass.


CTTM: This is totally going in Playgirl.

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