This evening I’m watching the Vice-Presidential debate just to see if Biden and Palin live up to their billing. So far Palin is doing a good job parroting the catchphrases she’s been spoon-fed the last few weeks.

(9:15) She’s trying to get down-home and go back to the convention speech talking points, but she got cut off by time. Biden is doing a good job staying away from attacking her, which I think is a good idea, but I would love for him to stick a pin in her bullshit mayor and governor stories on live TV once and for all.

(9:31) Palin is rambling about climate change, ducking the question completely. She actually said that she thinks the climate change we’re experiencing could be nothing more than a naturally occurring event.

(9:37) Biden just made a definitive stand for same-sex unions and property rights, but not marriage. I need to do more research on the actual party planks here.

(9:42) Biden: “We will end the war.” Palin: sputtered. She sounds flustered now. She tried to repeat the “Obama cut funding” line for the second time, and Biden nailed her on it again.

(9:49) Palin is trying to define diplomacy, and I’m not quite sure she knows what the fuck she’s talking about. Biden just crucified her in his response.

(9:56) I’m sorry. You should be disqualified from consideration as a presidential or a vice-presidential candidate if you say “nu-cu-lar” twice in a sentence. I don’t give a shit if Miriam-Webster won’t take a stand on it or not.

(10:10) Gag. More Wasila bullshit; more Democrats-will-tax-you bullshit. Biden gave her a little Home Depot in return, which sounded good, but his McCain=Bush shpeil is getting a little old, and she called him on it. Oh, wait, what’s this? Talking about Biden’s wife as a teacher, she mouthed some platitudes, saying “Her reward is in heaven”. That sounded like a rehearsed down-home speech to me. It will win her big points with the PTA and Christians.

(10:21) ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

(10:30) It’s over, and the talking heads are yammering. My take: No train wreck, which is what I was hoping for; each candidate did pretty well. I’d call it a draw.

* * *

Locally, the lawn signs are sprouting all over the ‘Ville, and even though our lawn is shaggy, we own some prime real estate for pissing off the local Republicans. I’m looking for something subtle, like a 4’x8’ double-sided neon billboard with fireworks, but I’ll settle for something a little smaller. How much fun would it be to drop five of these Hebrew rally signs on the lawn? I’d hear no end of people complaining about “Arabic” propaganda, I’m sure. Or I could really fuck with their heads and slap these all over the place

But seriously, I might get two of these, maybe one of these just to counteract the “Family=man+woman” sticker next door, or even the Catholics for Obama sticker here just to let ’em know the Papists are still alive. I do wish they had one of these in a newborn size so Finn could show the family colors, and find one of the “Mama for Obama” stickers I saw a few weeks ago.

Then again, for $25, the support pack is a good deal too. I may wait until some checks roll in to spend more money, but I think this is a good place to start tomorrow morning.

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2 Responses to Raise The Flag.

  1. Mrs. Scout says:

    I have 15 Obama bumper stickers, if you want any…Lemme know.

  2. the idiot says:

    Thanks! I do think I’m going to buy something, though, just because I feel strongly enough about this election to spend some money on it.