Making lists helps me keep my fractured brain organized, and I decided it was time to get off my ass and make a list of stuff I’ve been saying I want to do but haven’t actually begun. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Update: Ride a unicycle.
  • Learn how to ride a motorcycle properly, and get a license. Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Popular Mechanics article
  • Learn how to clean and care for a revolver, automatic, and rifle.
  • Take and pass a CPR class for certification.
  • Play the guitar. – Lessons paid for
  • Take a small engine repair course.
  • Take a basic algebra class, in preparation for computer programming classes. – Home schooling started 3.7
  • Get an illustration published in a national publication.
  • Go back to figure drawing classes.
  • Become a father. success!
  • Upgrade/redesign this website.
  • Learn about studio lighting and shooting medium-format film portraiture. – MICA spring courses?

This list will get added to and modified over the next year, so I added a link in the sidebar to remind and motivate myself. To start, I signed up for guitar lessons down the street at Appalachian Bluegrass this afternoon for the month of January. My goal is to be able to play passable rhythm guitar by the end of the year.

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Georgia Dome

A few months ago I was contacted through my Flickr account about possible usage of a photo I’d taken in Georgia during a loooong commencement speech. At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but the gentleman who inquired explained the purpose and scope of the project, and I signed on board. After negotiation of rights and agreeing on a price, I sat back and waited to see what happened. Things were quiet for a while until last week, right before Christmas, when an envelope with an unfamiliar New York address appeared in the mail bearing a check. I’ve provided a wide variety of creative services over the years, and now I’m happy to add photography to the list.

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I’ve been thinking about my Mom’s Mom for the past couple of weeks, even before Jen pulled Rappin’ Santa out of the tupperware container labeled XMAS. Somewhere around Thanksgiving I started remembering the holidays at her house, which were always a high point of the year (except for the drive): the sound of my mom’s relatives gathered around the dining room table, the taste and smell of fantastic food, King Kong, The Wizard of Oz, or It’s A Wonderful Life on WNEW (Pre-Fox channel 5 out of NYC, “Your choice is FIVE!“) in the downstairs family room, the smell of pipe smoke from my grandfather, Pop-Tarts for breakfast (served to us with a knowing, I’m-your-grandmother-so-I’m-spoiling-you twinkle), and the general sense of safety and happiness that enveloped us as we enjoyed the holiday together.

I miss my Grandma, but I’m happy to remember the holidays she hosted and the feeling it still gives me. Everyone should be so lucky.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Rappin Santa

Something that always brings a smile to my day is a funny little toy my Grandma gave me. It’s a fabric Santa who wiggles and does a barely legible rap to “Jingle Bells.” I’ve had him since I was in high school, which means he’s been packed and unpacked across multiple apartments for almost twenty years. He’s tacky and goofy and he sounds awful, but he reminds me of my Grandma’s smile, and that’s why he always gets a place of honor on the mantle and a pair of fresh batteries every year.

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I don’t know why I haven’t seen this before, but this is a site written by a pro photographer, and it’s full of tutorials, reviews, and other fantastic reading for photography buffs. Loads of good stuff here.

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Merry Cristmas

One of the unfortunate side-effects of living near a school is the barrage of discarded papers that seem to blow into our yard. Yesterday morning I found this one next to the Jeep as I loaded up for disaster recovery—a consulting client got walloped by the windstorm two nights ago, and their servers, printers, and network were down. A solid day of troubleshooting cut into my Cristmas [sic] purchasing time, but I got them back on their feet by close of business. Meanwhile, our dining room fills with boxes delivered by the brown truck, and decorations are slowly appearing around the house. Maybe this year’s holiday won’t fly past before we get to enjoy it a little.

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(Update: Sorry if anyone tried to click on the link and got sent to a stupid dating site. Apparently this is the latest in some form of viral linkbaiting. My apologies.)

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This used to be a pole decoration–probably fifty years ago. He has a great nostalgic look to him. Nowadays it would be a product tie-in.

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Flickr added statistics as a feature for Pro users. While it’s not as in-depth as I’d like, it’s still a fantastic new tool. They’ll get my re-subscription next year.

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Note to self: Memorex brand DVD+R dual-layer discs do not work with the SuperDrive on my MacBook Pro from Disc Utility: “The attempt to burn a disc failed. The device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media.” Looks like I have to switch media.

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