Target Scooter

This afternoon, I decided to check out the Vespa I was threatening to buy a couple of weeks ago. In the time since I first saw it, it had been listed on eBay and failed to meet the reserve—which should have been the first hint.

The sales guy was helping some other folks outside, so I got some quality time alone with the scooter. It was quickly apparent that the photos on Craigslist did not really describe the condition that well. The chrome is all there, but the deck is bent on either side from several accidents. The “paint job” looks even worse in person than in the photos, and the previous owner decided to slap some dumb stickers over top of that. The seat only had a few rips, but there was a lot of rust evident in the bodylines and underneath the deck, and I’m not interested in battling rust again.

Blurry mileage

It was a nice dream, but I’m passing on this particular scooter. I’ll have to spend more money for a fixer-upper that’s got fewer fundamental problems, which is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

Date posted: November 17, 2007 | Filed under geek | Comments Off on Curiosity Satisfied.

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