Alright, for the four readers of this here weblog, a question: Should I (providing it’s still available) buy this $900 project Vespa? I could spend the winter disassembling it, have the metal sandblasted, and get the chrome refinished while I learn how to rebuild the motor. If your answer is yes, what color should it be?

Come on, internets, give me a sign.

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8 Responses to Scientific Poll.

  1. Linda says:

    Put that $900 – and whatever else you’d spend re-habbing the Vespa – in to the house.

  2. ren says:

    Know what? I’m gonna disagree (sorry, Linda). Smaller than the Scout, yet still mechanical–requires a lot less money to scratch the itch. You can’t take it to Assateague, of course, but it’d be fun just to buzz around the neighborhood. (Mr. HP’s and my favorite restaurant has a beautiful off-white one parked next to the fireplace, but I think candy-apple red or midnight blue, meself.)

  3. dlcolb says:

    Buy it. Black out the front rim. Call it a day. Given the current paint job, I’m still trying to figure out where the gun rack goes. …

  4. the idiot says:

    Hrm. That’s two to one so far. Linda, I’m on the fence because, as you may or may not already know, most of the shekels I make already get dumped into the house. I’d feel guilty about a Vespa…until I got on it and drove it around.

    Renie, I’d love to have it indoors as a piece of sculpture (and when we get the Big Fancy Office, i will) but I’d rather have it for quick trips down the hill to Ellicott City for a coffee, or an evening meal. Plus, we can always go to Assateague in the Jeep.

    Dave, I already have a vehicle that someone christened “the poaching truck”, so another camo-themed method of transport is out of the question. I think I’d go with red, or possibly a dark green.

  5. Miss Lis says:

    DO IT! I suggest black and red or royal blue and emerald green metal flake…

    I understand my colour advice may not be heeded, I have horrifyingly tacky taste..

  6. The Mom says:

    I’m thinking you’ve lost your mind. But, then I remember riding on motorcycles in my youth. Then again, when will you have the time to fix it? Do you know how dangerous all those other people on the road are when you’re on the cycle? That’s the Mom coming out. Then again, again, it’s not an expensive dream so you could buy it, work on it when you can, and maybe in the future —–. Red definitely Red. xxs

  7. Linda says:

    For $900, you could have a housekeeper come every 2 weeks for 18 weeks. Almost 5 months of a clean house …

  8. Rob says:

    Late to the party as usual.

    Buy it only if I get to borrow it every once in awhile. As for color, silver and black. Red is a bit too strong a color for my tastes. But then again, it’ll be your ride.