It is with a heavy heart that I bid my trusty iBook adieu; after about 50 emails from various flakes, kooks, scammers, hosers, hustlers, dorks, cheapskates and losers over the course of a month, I had one very nice gentleman email me this afternoon, make an appointment, keep it, pay me cash money, and leave with the merchandise this evening. Which means this MacBook Pro is almost 1/2 paid off.

(The previous guy that emailed asked me all kinds of questions about the input jacks that he obviously knew the answers to, mentioned GarageBand, and tried to get me to come down on the price because there’s no audio input on that model. Sorry, dude.)

So, sayonara, little guy; thanks for the memories. I’ll miss your portability but not your little screen. I’m certainly not missing your keyboard, although it’s taken me a full month to get used to this new one.

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2 Responses to Goodbye, My Child

  1. Linda says:

    LOL – I wonder what search terms brought them to your site?

  2. snarx says:


    Or maybe it was “losers.”