I’m struggling to figure out what bothers me most about this news item. Go read it and come back.

OK, so you have the basics. Here are my issues.

  • I’m troubled by the fact that the cops are charging him for this; this makes me think of the Kitty Genovese story, and the don’t get involved mindset many people have in these litigous times. I’m actually kind of happy the guy ran upstairs to see what was going on; as I was telling Jen, I’d probably grab whatever was handy (baseball bat, 2×4, steak knife) and do the same thing myself.
  • I’m a little wierded out by the guy, though. His eyeballs in that mugshot say “tweaker”, but that could just be me. The fact that he’s 39 and living with his mother is a little Norman Bates-ish, too.
  • That must have been some kind of pr0n to warrant that kind of response. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell by sound what’s going on, but the actress must have really been convincing. (is that wrong of me to say?)
  • It’s kind of sad that the guy who tried to do right gets popped and winds up on CNN, while the guy watching the movie remains “the neighbor”. Everyone inside the bustling metropolis of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin probably knows who the guy is, but to the rest of us he is a mystery. (Jen sez they had the guy’s name and picture written in that article earlier today, but it’s gone now. Hmmm.)
  • Antique sword. Lives with Mom. 39 years old. Not clued in on the sounds of a woman in distress/pleasure. Any red flags coming up for anyone else besides me?

Sucks for that guy, to be sure.

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