top in place 2

I posted an entry to the Houseblog with an update on the fireplace mantel, with some details on the top molding and the results of the weekend’s work. It’s coming together, people.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to send shout-outs to my lovely wife for her gift of a table saw last year, and my wonderful sister, who gifted me with a compound miter saw a few years back and the router two years ago. Without you both, this project would not have been possible. It’s a pleasure making stuff out of wood when one has the right tools, and while I don’t have the New Yankee Workshop setup, I have enough tools to produce something this nice. Thank you, everyone.

…Now, if i could only rip that ugly brass fireplace surround out of there and put something nice in its place…

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  1. ren says:

    Yo’welcome. I hope I didn’t leave any drool marks on the compound miter saw. I tried to wipe them up.