Paint attempt one

We moved furniture back into the living room on Saturday night after everything got final coats of paint. The area above the mantel is supposed to be darker than the wall, but it’s not dark enough for us yet. It’s great to have everything coming back to normal again, and even better to look at the base of the walls and see crisp white paint on clean new baseboard going around the length of the room. For your amusement (and my indulgence), here are some before and after shots. I don’t have any good shots of the room in original condition, unfortunately.

right wall-original
6.4.05 This is the day I tore the nasty wood paneling off the wall. (note the shitty floor, pre-sanded.)

right wall-woodwork down
6.4.05 After the paneling came down, before I patched the wall (note the chimney.)

Right wall-after
This afternoon.

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One Response to Living Room Update, 12.18.06

  1. ren says:

    Wow. Even the brass fireplace surround looks great now…great job, you guys. Really, really, really nice.