So I finally have some decent (well, working) logfile reporting for my personal site, and I spent about 20 minutes going through some of the lists to see who’s looking at me. As it turns out, there are five or six people jacking some of my bandwidth (mostly MySpace punks and an MP3blog), but I stumbled across a blog in Spanish which refers to my illustration portfolio. A quick trip to Babelfish and I had a rough translation of the site:

She walked I vagando by technorati when I am blog, in which looking for and looking for I become to find with a connection to his peculiar portfolio personal.

Apparently this stupid king makes illustrations of well-known people, by reasons or others. But single one by each initial letter, that is to say, with ‘A’ al-Zarqawi has drawn to Abu Musab

With ‘B’ to Paul Bremer

etc etc, thus until the letter ‘I’ that it so far takes, which corresponds to Interpol, to a music group yorkino New punk.

Stupid King. Gotta remember that one.

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  1. Tronfi says:

    Hi! I posted it a long time ago! haha

    The link is wrong, the right one is:


    Congrats for the portfolio! 😀

  2. Tronfi says:

    Ah, sorry, but the translation of bablefish is too poor u.u