The last two weeks have been pretty stressful and chaotic, with animal sickness, human sickness, travel, holidays, and household projects. I sat down at the computer to get some work done yesterday and I felt, for a period of about five minutes, like an orangutan suddenly placed behind the wheel of an automobile: What is this thing? How did I wind up here? What do I do now? Where is my banana?

Today is no different; in fact, it’s been harder than yesterday. I was able to get some time critical stuff out the door yesterday, but after that was done, I was frantically searching for something to occupy my head, which has not been in the work-accomplishing place. My usual internet haunts have not been shiny enough to keep my interest. (I suppose this is also partially due to the fact that I got a series of checks in the mail last week, so the consumer portion of my brain is insistently prodding me to buy stuff. I’m resisting.)

I have work to do—plenty of work, actually. Why can’t I get back in the saddle?

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