The rest of the East Coast is hot as Hades right now, but our little corner of the world is cool. We’re holed up in the bedroom, with the A/C on 75° waiting for the Smackdown Episode of Project Runway to come on at 10. Apparently somebody’s getting the axe, and we’re placing bets on who it might be. (I say crazy basket-head guy.)

Today’s business trip to D.C. was successful, although predictably hot. We met up with our contact at Union Station and ate lunch under the huge barrel-vaulted ceiling of the main hall. Then we traveled a few blocks south, where we had a meeting in an office with a spectacular view of the Capitol Building. This particular meeting was Jen’s show, and she did a great job with the clients (and the work!) while I was happy to take a back seat and watch.

Whoops—it’s time to go. Make it work!

update: Wow, I didn’t expect that.

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