Anybody have one of those kind of days when all the music you own is boring? I can’t find a single thing in my MP3 collection I’d really like to listen to right now. Besides that, the internets has been hella slow and boring today, and nobody’s emailed me today besides two comment spammers posting discount pharmaceutical links on my weblog. Perhaps it’s because Jen and I got so much stuff done yesterday that today’s work is so damn dull. Anybody else having the same Monday I am?

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4 Responses to Harrumph.

  1. tbtine says:

    I *totally* am. It’s too quiet.

  2. Flash says:

    YES, my blog is full of those spammers. BLECH. It’s IRRITATING.

    Found your site by searching for your blog on trielgant, trying to remember what year their lawsuit went throught and how much they lost…the wonders of trial memberships.

    Greatly enjoying your site!

  3. the idiot says:

    Yeah, Flash, it’s funny that your “weblog” was nothing but a link page for other bullshit websites. Hope you like “” instead. Fuck off.

  4. la dolce vita says:

    Know just what you mean. I usually head to the NPR site for something new when I can’t find anything I want to listen to in the ummm, about 300 cds we have here at home or in the I don’t know how many songs we have downloaded. do you know The Ditty Bops? If not, check it out, you might enjoy. They go great with warm weather…should it ever come, which is only JUST has here in the Finger Lakes….