The setup: Waiting for our bread to warm, in front of the kitchen TV, watching a promo for the earth-shattering Matt Lauer/Britney Spears interview (a high water mark for modern journalism), my beautiful wife says:

“Cover up your boobs, you dumb slut.”

Later, she turned to me and said,

“Seriously, Matt had to see that shit. Do you think he told her to take the gum out of her mouth before the interview?”

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2 Responses to And That’s Why I Love Her.

  1. mommyrox says:

    That is why Matt wanted the interview.

    Didja hear her response to the question about falling with baby in hand if not.. “people want to see me fall, it’s a cruel world” OH please shut your dumb ass up. Just say it was an accident and accidents happen.

  2. ren says:

    And that’s one of approximately eight hundred and forty thousand reasons I love her too.