Compur-Rapid Xanar lens

I’m here. Just very busy juggling various projects. Be back soon.

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MacBook comparison chart
Gotta love Apple for spelling it out well.

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Silvertone 2015

This set was given to me by a friend and business partner as a Christmas gift somewhere around 1997. The Sears company produced this set in the 50’s (this fellow dates it at 1956) but it still has a lot of characteristics left over from the late 40’s-brown bakelite case, inventive use of the material for the grille (and use of grille cloth), and retro script on the dial. It shares several design elements from older sets—for example, the GE radio I have, but with more class. Mechanically, there’s nothing wrong with it; it has great sound and pulls in distant stations easily. There’s also a helpful metal badge on the back with a unique serial ID; the original owner would call Sears, give them this number, and they would be able to run down parts and service for that specific model. It’s not a radio that would have stopped me in my tracks, but as I’ve owned it, I’ve grown to appreciate its lines and condition, and I’m happy to have it in my collection.

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Jen and I are groggily sipping (nay, gulping) coffee this morning and attempting to wake up. Last night’s curtain call came at 4AM, after a long day of edits and new page layout for her and pre-production Photoshop work for me. She’s been pulling these hours for two weeks now—we were talking via iChat at midnight PST last week while I was in Oregon—but this is the final stretch. The client is still trying to stuff new pages, pictures, and random changes into the mixture this morning, but she has slammed the door on their little fingers (the deadline is Friday) and we are in cleanup mode from here on out.

At one point last night, she asked me if all this was worth it, and I had to remind myself that we aren’t working for someone else on a salary, we get to work together (shockingly well yesterday, I might add), and we get to make the decisions as to how far we’ll go for our clients (which is usually pretty far).

Yeah, 4AM sucks, but the commute is pretty sweet.

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Tonight’s guest: Everybody’s favorite character and evil-voice actor Clancy Brown!

A quote from the IMDB: “All the movies where I play nice guys don’t seem to do very well.”

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Our houseguest of three months is gone! I can relax in my own house again!

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Preview Vs. Acrobat
Worth its weight in gold. I hate the fact that Acrobat Reader takes 15 minutes to start up and another 15 to shut itself down, after it’s gummed up my system looking for web updates.

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Ranch Restauraunt

I landed in BWI at 6:10 this morning after taking a red-eye from PDX, with a whirlwind layover in Vegas. (Note: the Vegas airport blows. It seems the only thing they are interested in doing is putting as many slot machines in between you and your connecting flight as they can. Good times.) After Jen picked me up from the airport, we returned home and crashed for two hours of restless half-sleep before getting the day started. The front half of the lawn is now mowed—just in time for a meeting with one of our larger clients—but the back half is two weeks overdue. I’m sorting through a pile of cords, peripherals, papers, mail, and the remains at the bottom of my carry-ons trying to jump-start my brain, but it’s pretty slow going. I’m going to need massive quantities of coffee and red wine to self-medicate my sleep cycle back to Eastern Standard Time.

Courtesy Phone

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MacBook Review.
This looks like a VERY nice update to the iBook line, something I could easily purchase to replace my 2005 iBook (1920 x 1200 external monitors with true spanning is enough to sell me. The Core Duo processors are a nice bonus.) I’ll have to see how I like a 13-inch display running 1280×800 though.

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The Dot And The Line.
Norton Juster changed my life with The Phantom Tollbooth. This is a cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones, based on another Juster book. I’m buying the entire Juster catalog for my kids. (via)

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