Sioux leader vows to open Planned Parenthood Clinic. I have a vision of the future, and it goes something like this: Our government, backed by lobbying groups, and with a ruling of the Supreme Court, is able to overturn Roe V. Wade and ban abortion in the United States. Because nature always finds a way (and our current government doesn’t value science or education), women will still get pregnant. Indian reservations across the country will open Planned Parenthood clinics on Reservation land, right next to the casinos, cheap filling stations, and nontaxed cigarette and liquor stores, so we pious, Puritan Americans can take care of all our vices with one car trip.

Seriously, right on for the Sioux leader mentioned the story. The reasoning behind the ban, and the details, are just incomprehensible to me.

…There were, however, no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. [Governor Mike Rounds]’ actions, and the comments of State Senators like Bill Napoli of Rapid City, SD, set of a maelstrom of protests within the state. Napoli suggested that if it was a case of “simple rape,” there should be no thoughts of ending a pregnancy. (via)

I don’t think this measure will stand in court, which is good, but the fact that it actually passed is a sobering and chilling portent of the future. (Link to donation information in comments)

”If they are going to outlaw abortions [they should] put more money into sex education and pregnancy prevention. It’s fine to tell people to abstain from sex. Adult people in our country expect young people to abstain when they don’t abstain,” she said.

I couldn’t agree more. Abstinence needs to be followed up with honest, factual education and prevention. Birth control needs to be available and inexpensive. Simple solutions do not lend themselves to complicated problems.

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