The mortgage is due on the house this week, and that’s not too bad. I was expecting that, and I had the scratch saved up. What I’m sort of choking on is the $800 COBRA payment I have to make today to keep our health insurance going. Yikes.

Last night we picked up our microwave (actually an oven/convection microwave, sort of a microwave on steroids) and $70 worth of drawer pulls from the IKEA, just in time to have the cabinet guys come back and finish up the major work in the kitchen this afternoon. I don’t know what’s going to be better for my mental health—getting the kitchen finished or ending this big-ticket spending period.

I suppose it doesn’t help much that we just bought a pair of flat files from a friend whose design business was downsizing, but considering the price we paid (1/10 the retail price) we couldn’t pass them up. And, a little freelance gig came in yesterday that should pay for the files, drawer pulls, and groceries for the kitchen. So I’m not complaining.

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