Driving to work this morning, I passed a Ford pickup, driven by an older man with a receding hairline and a beautiful border collie in the passenger seat. Normally, that would have been enought to put a smile on my face, but there was something else. It’s very unscientific, but I’d have to say here in Maryland, about 3/4 of the pickup-driving crowd sport a big fat “W” sticker somewhere on their truck, something I find it hard to understand. So it was with great humor I noticed the bumper sticker on the back of this particular truck:



Thanks for that, Pickup Truck Man.

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3 Responses to And Your Dog Rules, Too

  1. xlt says:

    Why do you hate freedom?

  2. la dolce vita says:

    Where can I get that bumper sticker?!

    Although it might not be as surprising to see it on the back of my Hyundai…

  3. molly says:

    There a pick-up across the street from Molly’s every day with that, and a lot of other anti-bush stuff on it. It belongs to the woodwright in the stone warehouse and he’s a nice guy.