I think I wrote about this before, but it’s worth another look.

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Sumo Lounge
Great laid-back beats. Check the MP3’s on the sidebar.

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The 2005 Lockard Reunion is being held in North Carolina in a month or so, and I’d like to be prepared this time. The last reunion was a resounding success, bringing Jen’s father’s family together in Orlando for a fun weekend of swapping stories, photos, and history while staying in the Land of the Rat (and providing an opportunity to see Ms. Bonny Rose for the first time.) I was fortunate enough to meet many folks who I’d heard of but not met, including Jane, the matriarch of the family, who could have passed for a Dugan easily in personality and likeness.

One of the incredible things about the Lockards is the amount of historical information they have in their collective posession. We were handed boxes of old photographs, and a good portion of the visit was spent filling in the names of the proud-looking people who stared back at us from the yellowing prints. In an effort to make copies of the photos (many of which are the only ones in existence), I tried to shoot as many as I could in macro mode with my digital camera, but the effort was unscientific and ultimately dissapointing.

This time, I’m bringing the laptop and a flatbed scanner, so that we can continue archiving the pictures and make CD’s for people to distribute. Our current scanner is a third-hand UMAX with minimal support for the Mac and no software for OS X. The software is a buggy OS9 port from Windows that crashes more than it works.

I’m looking for a low-cost replacement that’s portable and native to OS X, but I can’t seem to find a decent recommendation online. (One of the Google search result links even bounced me to a porn site, which was a little disturbing, as I was sitting at my desk at work.) The supported scanners on the Apple site are all models I can’t find that currently ship, so I’m stuck with making educated guesses. When I find something and buy it, I’m going to post the results here so that somebody may be able to benefit from my experience. Right now it appears that I’m leaning towards the CanoScan LiDE 35, which has some form of Mac driver (I’d really, REALLY prefer a Photoshop plugin) and is small enough to carry, but unfortunately only has USB 2. FireWire seems to be a $200 add-on for any brand. Anyway, I’m heading to the Office Depot to see if they have one available, and I’ll report back on my findings.

Update: I just got an email reply from a fellow who had posted about a similar search on his weblog:

I bought a Canon LIDE 35, the cheapest Canon I could find at the time, and it works perfectly with OS X and Photoshop, works fine under both USB and USB2, doesn’t require it’s own power source, and is about the same size as a laptop, so I can tuck it away almost anywhere.

That seals it.

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Scanners supported under OS X
We need a better scanner by the middle of next month.

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Moto 551 Confirmed.
It’s official; I’m upgrading OSX and my phone as soon as I get paid.

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Let’s just say that I’ve had better mornings. Don’t try to get in touch with me on my cellphone, because it’s sitting on the dining room table, shut off (I think.) My work computer, a PC, went on the fritz after I gave it a love tap. This was after all the open programs locked, I force rebooted it, and it locked again on startup. It turned out the video card was unseated. Other things blew up that I won’t go into here.

I’m going to go find something tasty to eat and try to force-restart this day after lunch.

Incidentally, is your information showing up in the Comments section when you have “Remember Me” checked, or do you have to keep entering it? Doesn’t seem to work for me in Safari.

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Driving in Ireland
We’re going to be on the left side of the road for ten days. God help us.

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Two years ago, when we did the walkthrough on the house, we oohhed and aahhed over the obvious stuff, like the greenhouse and the fireplace, but one of the things that caught Jen’s eye was the garden outside the kitchen window. When we first visited, there was a birdbath, a feeder, and a garden ringed by brown modular ABS plastic on the west lawn. (I say “west lawn” only to provide a sense of direction. It sounds grand to say that in a sentence: “We’ll have tea on the West Lawn.” In actuality, it’s a narrow strip of grass, bounded by a weedy, overgrown privet hedge.) When we returned for the walkthrough on the day of the signing, we noticed that everything had disappeared from the yard save the lovely brown garden edging and a patch of dry, dusty soil covered in squirrel holes.

Steadily, over the last two years, Jen’s been making the yard look better in between life events. This spring she hatched a plan to rehab the entire flowerbed. Last night we set the wheels in motion by removing the platic edging and replacing it with pressure-treated 2×8’s (which will have to do until we can mix cement and build the rock wall.) Next, we dumped six cubic yards of garden soil and tilled the whole pile as the sun was setting. Then, we measured and drove two lengths of PVC piping into the middle of the bed, and set the headboard of a $15 antique bedframe into the pipes. (My wife is so damned smart.) Finally, by the light of the moon, we replaced the plants in their complicated arrangement so that she could put them in the ground this morning.


Note the variety of plants in the above picture. Around the bedframe are sedum and other hearty perennials. Along the edge in front are a variety of herbs and smaller flowering perennials. In back, Jen planted some morning glory, a ton of gladiola bulbs, and other tall flowers.

Meanwhile, the Peapod delivery guy was circling our street trying to find the house, and finally pulled in the driveway after I flagged him down. I’d have to say that the experience of spending $80 at the store and returning home with three small bags of food is no different than having somebody deliver it to the front door, but the convenience of having the staples (milk, bread, tonic water, creamer, etc) is pretty cool. If we can offset the high price of Peapod by shopping at the Asian market for produce, we’ll be coming out ahead in my book.

Jen was able to get all the plants in the ground this morning (I don’t think she even finished her coffee, she was out the back door so fast) as well as a pile of bulbs that we bought this spring. (We have a ridiculous amount of bulbs, actually—some are still good and left over from my old house, where I had dreams of planting gladiolas in the back yard.) Before I left, I asked Jen to meet me for lunch today so that we could hit a garden center up here by work. We’ve been living with the selections at Lowe’s and Home Depot only because of proximity and budget, and there’s a hideously overpriced garden center in the ‘Ville that Jen bought from out of necessity. I’ve been Valley View once or twice but never took the time to really explore, so it was a new experience for us both. Think of the garden center at your local Home Depot and expand it by about 400%. Add a whole section for live fish (featuring koi the size of a small child), wholesale stone, and a live herb section larger than a drugstore, and you have this place. We loaded up two boxes full of plants and got out of there before we did any serious damage, but still wound up dropping $50. I think we both agreed to regroup and think out a strategy for the future, bceause the possibilities have just been expanded tenfold, and we still need to make the mortgage payment.

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Star Wars Tattoos
More ink that you can shake a lightsaber at. I’ll take a Wookie backpiece, please…

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I have a request for humanity. PLEASE stop using the incorrect Engrish phrase “Your guys'”.

e.g. “I would think that, given your guys’ case, we’d be able to deliver the product by the end of calendar year ’05.”

Bonus points if you’re an employee of a Fortune 500 company and you use it during a conference call.

Goddamn, does that annoy the shit out of me, and I went to fucking art school for my undergraduate degree.

I’d also like to suggest public whippings for anybody with a four-year college degree who still doesn’t recognize the difference between Your and You’re. And let’s all please quit it with the excessive quotation marks around normal, everyday things.

e.g. a sign reading:




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