In no particular order.

  • Before it became a hipster drink of choice, supplanting that headache-inducing brew known as Yuengling (and, before that, Rolling Rock), my parents reintroduced Jen and I to the simple joy of Pabst Blue Ribbon on a can, based on its recommendation in Consumer Reports. Yes, I drink beer not because the Cool Kids tell me to, but because Consumer Reports gives it a little red dot. I understand now why my father kept a case of Black Label in the basement when I was growing up; it’s much better to always have a 12-pack of cheap cans in our fridge than a monthly six-pack of foo-foo microbrews. Not that I’d ever drink Black label again.
  • The huge steel plate on the road outside our house can’t get filled soon enough. Having city buses thunk-thunk over that thing like a kettle drum every fifteen minutes during rush hour is damned annoying.
  • Two coats of bright white paint on the trimwork in the hallway make the place look so much brighter. I’m sure the upstairs hallway will be a new room once it gets the same treatment. Now, unfortunately we have a houseful of drab, alligatored Phillip Morris White doors, all patiently awaiting a dip at the refinishers’.
  • Yesterday, I was officially ready for spring. The wind was howling Chicago-style, the snow was looking gray and dirty, the trees all looked tired and saggy, and the air smelled like copper. It’s time for bulbs, shoots, sprouts, and seedlings. It’s time for mulch, loam, fertilizer, and compost. It’s time to have the windows open, and have the smell of fresh breezes and summer air throughout the house.

Penn is now off the Xanax and back on Prednizone. I have no idea what is wrong with this cat, and I’m not sure what to do next. I wish we could get a straight answer from somebody.

The GeoUrl link on the left there works again; after about six months of busted they updated the engine to re-index everybody.

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