Jen and I tried an offering of sweet & spicy chicken from the new asian cafeteria on Rolling Road last night as an experiment. Usually I stay away from most Chinese food, especially the fast-food variety, because it has detrimental effects on my gastrointestinal system. Let me just say for the record that this experiment was a failure.

Crap. It’s still boggling my mind how much Windows XP sucks. In the month I’ve used it, the computer has been brought to its knees twice by malware clogging up the whole system. After I switched to Mozilla, the problem went away. Now, programs that used to work fine are crashing and burning repeatedly—Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and random bullshit processes in the background. It’s a miracle I can get through a day without clicking through a bug report window at least once.

I should clarify something: I’m using this computer at work, which means the nastiest site I visit is Slashdot. Simply opening Explorer on this machine means the floodgates of crap are open.

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