Heh, heh. This story just gets better and better, folks. Note to self: when the Man has you dead to rights, and you’re facing some jail time, and your dying mother is in the damn hospital, it’s probably best to arrange for a public defender, instead of smoking crack, or whatever you’re doing at the time.

Enjoy that prison shower, kid. I hear it’s a load of laughs.

Music Of the Day. Vince Guaraldi, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Because I need a little Christmas, right this fucking minute.

Brighten The Corners. I spent about five minutes locking and unlocking the Jeep with the keyfob buttons this morning. I’m sure it would have made a great picture—the first time the village idiot sees fire. It honks when you’ve locked it, so you don’t have to walk back and test the doors. It’s the small stuff, people.

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