Today I got hit with requests for work on three different projects, all due Monday morning. Two of the three were surprises, while the other was something that I was given Monday afternoon for completion COB yesterday…which then bled into today. So already I’m in a wonderful mood. Add to that the utterly craptacular MFC interface two programmers put in front of me, with bright shining smiles. Imagine their horror when I told them, without pity, that it was crap and that I was redesigning everything. Hint to programmers: 1. MFC makes me cranky. 2. Don’t ever tell me “we can’t do that”. 3. Don’t ever tell me that managing three windows on one screen in a game is OK. 4. Quit trying to design and get back to work.

Venturing out to the Baja Fresh with a gaggle of people for lunch, Nate and I were ignored for about ten solid minutes by the manager and assistant manager, who thought it was time better spent yelling at each other and the five guys frantically putting food together behind the counter. We walked out and went to Qdoba, where the act of putting a burrito together is not considered open-heart surgery. Upon returning to the office, Nate bit into his burrito only to find it was my burrito, so I had to settle for a dry, bland collection of rice and beans sprinkled sparingly with dry pieces of steak. (I ordered chicken molé.)

About the only thing that’s gone right so far is the open box of Dunkin’ Donuts in the lunchroom, which was still full.

In other news, class went well last night, I think, with a few exceptions; I was also able to pick up another iMac for a dirt-cheap price to continue the MP3 -> iPod saga. More on that later. Plus, a DOA Apple Pro Mouse for free, which I’m going to do surgery on next week, if I have time.

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