Well, I’m attempting to try and work on some freelance stuff, but I just can’t get into it. My brain is mush. I spent 8 hours down with JT in Laurel working on the site, and I can’t focus on anything.

In talking with Jen on friday, I realized that my logfile is extremely boring and focused mostly on stuff I’m doing. it helps me keep a record of what’s happening in my head, sort of a diary of shit to be aware of. maybe I should write about something more interesting? When I switch servers to the box in Laurel I’ll be on a UNIX machine again (woo-hoo) which means I can do a lot of the stuff i want to- install Greymatter or Blogger, put up a proper logfile, do some PHP… More thoughts on this tomorrow.

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Well, the Sun stuff I have here is worth about as much as the empty coffee cup next to this monitor, so I’m going to chuck them both in the dumpster this afternoon. I can’t even get money for the Sun mouses. I would eventually like to buy a used SPARC at some point, but for now I’ll stick with MKLinux on the 7100. I did read that the official version of Apache 2 has been released though.

I’m trying to resist the impulse to buy a digital camera right now. I think the money will be better spent on the Scout- new brakes, a tune-up, etc. so that she can get back on the road. I have $200 from eBay that I’m going to combine with a check from O. to pay off the Powerbook, and when (and if) we ever get the payout from Greycube that will pay off the rest of the credit card bill.

I have a message for all you smokers that complain about non-smokers infringing upon your rights: Kiss my ass. Until you decide you can be adult enough to throw your butts in the garbage, or in the little accessory thing in your car they call the ashtray instead of out the window or onto the curb, I don’t give a crap about your infringed rights. Clean up your mess.

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I’m looking through a pile of old used Sun equipment here at work: there are two 3/60’s, a pile of RAM, two keyboards and three-button mice, and five APS hard drives (500/500/500/2GB/4GB) that could be used as backups for the home network.

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Heading up to the parents’ tonight for a meeting with K. about freelance stuff, and just to say hello. I think it’s going to be a busy weekend, though; I’m bringing up 2 computers to sell and we’re taking a bunch of stuff back down with us.

This week has been a blur. I haven’t sat still the whole time-always running around and doing stuff. And the next week is looking the same. Week after that is vacation time, so it will be deserved time, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a sprint up to the finish line.

Finding it very very hard to get motivated to keep working right now. I finished a bunch of stuff before lunch, then went out and deposited my MD refund check and ate a Quizno’s Chicken Cacciatore sub, which has now inflated like a surplus life raft inside my stomach. So I feel like crap, as well as sleepy and bored, and I can’t snap myself out of this.

I think I might bring up the balance of the comic collection up north and try to offload that as well. Might be somebody out there who wants a set of X-Men comics from the late 80’s to very early 90’s. We’ll see.

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So I pulled the 2 gig drive out of the 8500 and snapped the case back up; it needs a good dusting but otherwise is in great shape. Tonight I have to reinstall OS9 on Renie’s loaner G3 and drop a bunch of software on there for her.

Steve brought in a LaserWriter 4/600 as well that he wants to sell; I have to see how much it would be to Ethernet it up to the network and perhaps get some machines printing on it, and then figure out how much to give him for it. Then figure out how much RAM it has.

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Max is no longer. May his memory rest in peace. I installed a fresh copy of OS 7.5 after extended histrionics on Apple’s website attempting to find and/or download a usable disk image of the Disk Tools floppy (which I didn’t bring with me.) Once that hurdle was over with, I installed the OS via floppy (remember that?) and shut him down. I’m going to sell him with a Farallon adapter, two SCSI adapters and possibly my spare Zip drive to sweeten the deal, although I could possibly use the Zip for the 7100. Speaking of, I think I’m going to pull the original 2MB drive out of that and drop it into the 7100 for added space, then load OS9 onto the 4MB Barracuda I put in it last summer. I also dug out a keyboard and mouse and set that with the 8500, which got a fresh copy of OS8 this morning (it didn’t like the copied OS8.5 disk I tried yesterday.)

It’s beautiful outside today, but due to get cold and rainy this afternoon; it was 70 earlier but it’s going down to 30 tonight and tomorrow. Dammit. I got a ripe, rich whiff of cut grass this morning and it just made me ache for summer. Of course, when it’s 95 and Baltimore-humid, which is not unlike swimming in warm snot, I will be wishing for sweater-weather again (say, mid-June.)

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I spent a few hours last night getting all the stuff off Speedy (the 8500) and low-level/zero-formatting the disk; when I attempted to install 8.5 from the CD I kept getting disk errors. I know the CD on that machine is a piece of junk, but there really shouldn’t be a problem with it. I’m going to crack the case, pull the hot-running 4GB drive, dust the CD, and wiggle the connectors, then install 8.5 over it and ready it for sale.

I then brought in Max (the 520c) and tried to find the floppy OS install files from Apple’s website, but it looks like they pulled the old FTP site down in favor of some script-run download site (probably so they can track the downloads better.) So I have to hunt down a copy of OS8 on CD, transfer the install files to floppy and re-install the system on Max once and for all. That will be tomorrow.

The Osbournes is possibly the funniest show on TV right now. We saw it over the weekend on tape. Ozzy is a funny Ward Cleaver, once you get past the tattoos and hair. it’s a long way from the old ‘Shot in the Dark’ days of Mahopac Junior High School, when I was the only kid who thought that Mid-80’s Ozzy was a bloated, off-key mess, and Zakk Wylde was a cheesedick.

Instead of paying us on time, they bought a bunch of new computers for some of the other guys and bought the artists GeForce3 cards; mine is very, very fast and very nice. I can clearly see the case for buying a fast game PC. But not today.

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Well, the stuff I sold on eBay went for a combined total of $110. The RAM went for $70 and the power supply went for $40, so that will help pay off the PowerBook pretty well. I’m now trying to figure out what else I can sell to get it out of the house. I looked at some auctions of 8500’s and found that some are going for $150 or so, but others are sitting. I think it has to do with the RAM, hard drive, and some of them have a lot of old software still installed. But the one linked above is almost the same thing as the one I have, and it went for $208. I think I’m going to bring it north this weekend and get rid of it…

Mark Simonson Builds some very beautiful fonts.

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