Lord of the Rings is amazing. What a great movie. I want to learn how to shoot a bow and swordfight now.

Another morning of sloth and tiredness. The cats were having fun playing behind the nightstand with the cord to the lamp and clock when I woke up; at about 4am Teller decided to bring a play mouse up onto the bed and tussle with it on my chest. Ugh.

Yes, for those of you in a menstrual way, your prayers have been answered: Vinnie’s Tampon Cases. Words cannot describe… (via salon)

Today I was able to get the log pages into a yearly format instead of just monthly, which meant updating whole directories and links throughout the 12 months. Yuck. But at least it’s done. So there’s a 2002 directory now ready for content (although there’s nothing in there yet.) I also finally understand why all the bloggers have links set up on their entries; these being static pages right now I’ll probably add a link anchor in by hand each day (considering I do all this by copy–>paste anyway, it’s not a stretch) until the site is moved to a different server. The limbo I’m in right now kind of sucks. So, here’s an example: Looking through the past months, I realize just how little I had to do at Supon on April 26th. Isn’t that sad? I should have known something was bad back then. Oh, well. yes, I realize this link doesn’t work, because IE doesn’t understand how to find anchors on a horizontal axis, only vertical. Oh, well. Sue me.

I also was able to get a randomizer script up and working on the Breakaway site- all I need to do now is figure out how to get the result of the randomizer and check it to add a background color to the table.

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