Last night I set up the SMC router and got my 8500 and the laptop out to the internet; if I had known it would be that easy, I would have bought the damn router a year ago! What an easy setup. I mistakenly installed VirtualPC on the 8500 thinking I was going to have to install some PC software onto the machine, or at least a set of web pages with the information to connect to the router. After installing VPC 3.0/Win 98, and realizing it only worked with G3’s and above, I installed 2.1 and the updater, and then accessed the pages on the router- the machine itself has a series of pages you access by using the localhost DNS. What a snap! After plugging in the appropriate login and password, I was online in about 10 minutes.

Now I have to get the NT box up with DHCP and then the MKLinux box as well- that one should be the true test. i did find some great links though, that will hopefully make it easier- if I have to do the whole makefile runaround, I’m going to just bite the bullet and chance reinstalling the OS right over top of the old, and hope I can get the server running again. Or, I’ll figure out how to assign it a static IP in that internal range- I might do that for all the machines, if it’s easy enough.

One thing that might be cool is to set up the 8500 to automatically cycle on at about 7am and go right to the news page, or maybe bring up Outlook Express to check mail. Then it would shut itself down at 8, after I’ve gone for the train.

Now I’m wondering what will be better to do- set up the 8500 as a server or the NT box; the cool thing is it doesn’t really matter because any machine on the router can access and edit the config pages! The NT server will definitely need a static IP if I’m going to be using it as an AppleShare server; I think I could see it as a volume if I just put it on the router through DHCP, but I’m not sure about that.


  1. Press chinos and white dress shirt.
  2. Network/Continue loading/installing software on Jen’s 8100
  3. Check into static IPs with the SMC router & assign one to the NT box/Linux box…?
  4. Make sure the printing services (LaserWriter Bridge) still work on the 8500
  5. Get the scanner/zip hooked up and working on the 8500
  6. Look into printer services For Macintosh on the NT box when it’s configured.
  7. Laundry/packing for the weekend

1:44 PM. I just found out my old company, Cidera, just laid off an additional 50 people. I’m trying to get some more details from my friend Brad, who gave me the heads-up.

2:24 PM. Listening to Daft Punk/Homework. Who would have thought that a couple of Frogs could create some good electronica?

Ideas for the log pages:

  1. Set up the calendar control as a server-side include.
  2. Add Logan’s, Tims, Matt’s, and other friends’ sites.
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