Note to automotive product designers: make the stuff easier to use. I had to bust out the Leatherman and actually saw the windshield wiper off the metal arm to get it off the car. Turns out it was just a small, invisible retainer clip that i had to stab underneath the arm to get it to release. (yeah, you figure it out in 40-degree driving rain, smartass.) Now that it’s replaced with two shiny new Anco blades, I can’t wait for it to rain.

Looking forward to an evening of TV, the cats, and a cold Anchor Steam or two. Seems like Jen and I have been constantly on the move for the past two or three weeks.
I was able to get link lights and working signals from all the ethernet cabling except for the living room; once that’s done tonight I’m going to attempt to move the DSL modem and the Barricade router downstairs and install them permanently. After the holidays I’ll go back to IKEA and buy the little metal cart I want for a server rack, but right now a pair of old homemade speakers will do just fine, thanks.

So, after the holidays, the list looks like this:

  1. Oil change for the Tortoise – $40
  2. Fancy server rack from IKEA – $40
  3. Save $3,000 for the Wyoming Scout.
  4. More blank CD’s – $20
  5. CD cases- 1 for Rob and one for me – $20

I think, if I can save up over $1,500 by the end of February, I’ll reward myself with a $200 digital camera.

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