Somehow this one popped up in my brain today and hasn’t left: Eurotrash Girl, by Cracker. A good band who never really followed up with another record as good as Kerosene Hat, unfortunately; this album was on solid rotation the year I graduated college, and Low was the soundtrack to a summer painting houses. I’ve always loved the mixture of rock and country stirred together in this band—just enough twang to make things work.

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  1. COD says:

    And now you’ve reminded me of seeing Cracker, The Spin Doctors, and The Gin Blossoms in concert in 1994. Outdoor show, it had rained all day and was a complete mud pit. My buddy was a walking twin for the lead singer from Spin Doctors, to the point he was signing autographs.

  2. idiotking says:

    Ha ha, I remember all shows I saw outdoors in the early 90’s being mudpits. Lollapaloozas, HFStivals, a couple of others I can’t remember clearly. One had to be careful where one was walking lest you lose a shoe in the muck.

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