I’ve been syndicating a lot of posts from the Scout site here ever since I set it up, although lately I’ve cut back on just posting everything, and keep it to the highlights. Search engines get testy when you post the same content in multiple places (going back to the early days of porn spam) and deprecate your search rankings accordingly. I figured I’d better start playing ball a little better and added a custom field on that site for what’s called a canonical tag, where you add a little flag at the top of the page to let search engines know that they’re looking at the originating site. Then I went through the first year of syndicated posts and added the proper tag for each one. There are SEO plugins that do this automatically but I’m too cheap to be bothered—and frankly I don’t need more plugins gumming up the site. This will probably make no difference in the long run but it makes me feel a little better about my digital citizenship.

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