I got a random notice on Facebook during my daily Marketplace scrape about one of the items I’ve had listed there for months: somebody wanted my CO2 bottle and 4-port manifold. I set up a time and met him down the street in front of the coffee shop, and $125 later I had one less piece of brewing equipment. With that, I’m down to the carboys, a copper chiller, a bin of assorted brewing tools, the propane stove, and a shelf full of bottles. When I get some free time I intend to package it all up to consolidate space in the basement. Plus there’s a lot more down there that needs to be sorted and pitched.

* * *

I was not aware until today that the local conservative prick who runs the Sinclair Broadcast Group just bought the Baltimore Sun from a private equity firm. The Washington Post quoted him as saying he hasn’t read a newspaper in 40 years, and that a newspaper’s job is to “manufacture content.” So that’s going to real well.

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