I re-watched Interstellar last night before bed when the football game got boring and it popped up in my Prime feed. I really enjoy the movie whenever I’ve seen it, but something new caught my eye last night: the main character wears a beautiful watch which becomes a key element of the story and his relationship with his daughter. intrigued, I Googled “Interstellar watch” and the first article that came up was from Hodinkee, which did a deep dive on the watch and its companion in the movie. I noted the name of the author and smiled to myself; this spring I was talking with our operations manager at work and she asked me about the watch I was wearing. It turned out her husband works for Hodinkee and we both geeked out a little on watches. He wrote the article I found, and she took the pictures for a companion article about the other watch. I definitely need to ask them out for a drink.

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