After a long pause in the logistics chain, my readers finally arrived last night, and it was with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation that I tried them on. They are made better than the safety glasses I bought last year. The progression is much less abrupt, and there’s a midpoint where I can use them for middle distance (about a half an arm’s length away). There’s a bit of distortion at the bottom of the lenses that affect my vision when I turn my head back and forth—it’s enough that I notice the curve of the lenses down there—but not enough to bother me that much. The biggest thing to get used to is the same issue I have with my safety glasses: keeping my eyes aware of the two main zones and moving my head to put my eyes on what I’m focused on instead of moving my eyes. I’ve also got to break the habit of moving to take them off to see things up close. I’m not using them for work; my monitors are far enough away from my eyes that I don’t need them, but it’s great to have them for reading in bed and doing detail work.

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